Medium:  Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Graphite

Phone:  707-789-9662



Color is the driving force behind my paintings.  Beyond that one commonality, I have chosen not to limit myself either in subject matter or medium.  My paintings run the gamut from animals to people, still life to flowers, landscape to abstracts.  The medium varies from watercolor to oil, acrylic to ink, pencil to charcoal.

I was one of the founding members of the Riverfront Art Gallery in Petaluma, California.  After 15 months I realized that it suits my temperament better not to have any commitments but simply to paint when and what inspires me at the moment.  This has proven to be successful for me, both in self-satisfaction and commercially. I was one of 32 artists chosen to participate in the “Cruisin’ the Boulevard” show and auction in Petaluma.  These were fiberglass cars painted and decorated, similar to the cows in Chicago.  I have exhibited in several galleries in juried shows and have participated in a variety of other art shows, at times winning several ribbons and “peoples’ choice” awards. I am active in two local art associations.