Medium:  Oil

Phone:  707-775-4278



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Karen’s art reveals an intelligent, humorous depth in her approach to her paintings. Their whimsicality draws appreciative smiles from viewers, such as in “Three AM at the Louvre” which depicts Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa sharing a glass of wine and chit chat about the day.

In explaining her style, Karen says, “I put myself in the surrealistic category. I paint things that look real, but may not really exist. Contrast is something I do often in my paintings. I put natural objects next to man-made objects. For example, a giant ocean wave in a little teacup, or a flower sitting in a chair. I like the juxtaposition. When we see them next to each other, the naturalness of the flower and the man-made-ness of the chair are much more apparent.”