ARTICLE 1 (Name)

The association shall be known as the “Petaluma Arts Association”, or PAA.

ARTICLE 2 (Purposes)

  • Section 1  PAA will provide activities to promote the appreciation of visual art in Petaluma.
  • Section 2  PAA will provide scholarships and/or awards to students showing achievement in the field of visual arts.
  • Section 3  PAA will provide a supportive fellowship that motivates and encourages its members to develop and expand their skills and appreciation in the field of visual art.

ARTICLE 3 (Membership)

Membership in PAA is available to anyone who is interested in the purposes as stated in Article 2 of the Bylaws. All members shall have voting privileges. Membership dues are Required to be paid on January 1st and run through the end of December of that year. Dues must be paid by March 31st to receive special member pricing for Art in the Park in September.

  • Section 1  Active Membership is for a person who works on at least one committee or is actively involved in one of our events as support personnel.
  • Section 2   Joint Active Membership is for two (2) family members sharing the same mailing address.
  • Section 3   Associate Membership is for members who cannot participate as an active member.
  • Section 4   Student Membership is for a person attending high school or college.
  • Section 5   Honorary Membership is for a charter member, or in recognition of special service.
  • Section 6   Sponsoring Membership is for a person or business who wants to support the arts in the community. Included here will be mentioned on our Web Site.

ARTICLE 4 (Officers)

  • Section 1   The elected officers of the PAA shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and
  • Section 2   More than one member can be elected and serve as co-officer. (i.e.: Co-President)
  • Section 3   The term of office is two years. A member may serve two (2) consecutive terms in
    the same office. The offices of President/Vice President will be elected on odd
    numbered years. The offices of Secretary/Treasurer will be elected on even numbered
  • Section 4   If the office of President is vacated, the Vice President will complete the term. The
    current nominating committee shall reconvene to fill vacancies of any other elected
  • Section 5   A temporary secretary can be appointed by any officer or chairperson to serve at any special or regular meeting on a temporary basis.

ARTICLE 5 (Elections)

A nominating Committee, appointed by the President in August, shall present a slate of candidates for office at the October meeting. Elections shall be held in November and the new officers will then be installed and take office in January.

ARTICLE 6 (Executive Committee)

The executive board shall consist of the officers and chairpersons of standing committees and may take action on routine and emergency matters.

ARTICLE 7 (Meetings)

  • Section 1   Regular meetings shall be held once a month unless the membership is notified by mail.
  • Section 2   Action requiring a vote shall be approved by a majority of members present at meetings unless otherwise stated in the PAA Bylaws.

ARTICLE 8 (Committees)

Committee Chairpersons shall be appointed by the President. The President or Vice-President shall be ex-officio members of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

ARTICLE 9 (Dues)

Dues will be proposed by the executive board and will require a simple majority vote of members present at any regular monthly meeting. Dues are from January through December.

ARTICLE 10 (Budget and Assessments)

  • Section 1   A Finance Committee shall be appointed by the President to prepare and present an annual budget to the membership at the January Business Meeting. Approval is by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at that meeting.
  • Section 2   Members may be assessed additional donations, not to exceed their yearly dues, for routine or unusual expenses when funds in the treasury are depleted if recommended
    by the executive board and voted on by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present
    at a regular meeting.

ARTICLE 11 (Bylaws)

The Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote at the first regular meeting at which members are present, following the meeting at which the amendment(s) was (were) read.

ARTICLE 12 (Board of Directors)

  • Section 1  The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers of PAA and Chairpersons of Standing Committees. Members of the community may be designated to serve by a vote of the existing Board.
  • Section 2  Authority shall be vested in the Board of Directors to make decisions and to present recommendations to the membership. Emergency action may be taken upon
    notification of all Board members and with their majority approval.


Dues per category are as follows:

  • Active Member $35.00
  • Joint Active Member $50.00
  • Associate Member $60.00
  • Student Member $10.00
  • Honorary Members no dues
  • Supporting Member $100.00+

Click HERE to download a PDF copy of Bylaws